Are you looking for good housing in the Netherlands as we speak? While it might be a challenge finding a room or apartment – since we have a housing shortage here. But when you do find that perfect room or apartment, you would not want to make any mistakes. Since landlords in the Netherlands are not always experienced with renting out to foreign exchange students, it is good to be prepared to help out. 

This is why we created a simple and reasonably complete rental agreement in English. Please do remember that this is by far not a perfect agreement and that you should always adjust a standard (rental) agreement to your personal situation. It is also recommended to only include the clauses and articles that you agreed upon with the landlord and exclude those who do not apply to your situation. Furthermore, there might be specific points that you wish to include, that have not included in out standard rental agreement.

With this in mind, please click on this link to view the English rental agreement in PDF!