Most of us know that living with roommates is fun but can also bring certain tensions into the house. Today we talk about your roommate’s lover: does he or she come over too often? Our advice is to talk about this with your roommate. But how to?

Start the conversation

Living together is not always as easy as it seems, and that’s exactly why communication is so important. Be honest and tell your roommate what bothers you, in the end it’s also your home and you should feel comfortable. It’s important to communicate exactly what you want: no one’s a mind reader. Free tip: Google some nice (psychological) articles on relationship advice. These tricks also work for roommates. Of course, pay attention to the way you are communicating, you don’t want to offend anybody.


Make it part of other problems

Obviously, it’s not nice if you feel uncomfortable in your own home because of the fact that your roommate’s lover is always around. Don’t take it badly: it’s a problem that could easily be a friendly discussion and can easily be resolved. That’s why it’s sometimes nice to make it part of other problems. Absolute no-go: write messages like these on sticky notes. Or even worse: discuss them via WhatsApp…


Tackle only the practical problems

Ok, we get it why you don’t like to have the other person in question over that often. But remember, the problems that can be solved are the practical problems: cleaning up your dishes, long shower sessions or weird bedroom noises… Try not to ‘attack’ someone on a personal level. Everybody is the way he/she is and you just have to deal with it.