Hooray! You’ve found a room! Your adventure as a student in the Netherlands can officially begin! But wait… Can it really? Getting a room in the Netherlands is not enough to get you completely settled. Getting your TV working to start learning ‘Nederlands’, getting high speed internet to buy those new Wooden Shoes, and getting Green Energy to prevent the ocean flooding your new home within a year. These are just some of the things you should think about when getting settled in your new room, studio, or apartment!

Why is it still called The Voice here?

Ok so you want to watch Dutch TV. Great stuff! It should really help you learn the language, though most of it is in English. How do you receive cable in the Netherlands though? Well basically, watching the Dutch public channels is free (we call those the NPO channels). I strongly recommend getting digital TV for your viewing pleasure though. There is a plethora of both national and international channels available for relatively competitive prices with several companies. Check out companies like Ziggo, and KPN for latest offers!

But for digital TV I need Internet!

Yes you do! A great way to kill two Herrings with one Cheese (yes, we freely change English sayings for Nationalist pleasure) is to buy your Internet and TV packages in a single deal. The Dutch love a good deal, and often companies will give away awesome gifts for new subscribers. Compare packages though, to make sure you get the best deal possible!

Give me that Dutch Power

Have you felt that cold, cold southwestern wind the Dutch seem to either ignore or not at all notice? Well that wind provides the Dutch with a lot of green energy. We’re really big on the idea that if you compare energy providers, you can not only get cheap energy, you can prevent the sea from slushing over the dykes in 50 years. Yes, the Dutch have a vested interest in Green Energy, and a critical eye that always looks for the best deals. That is what you ought to be doing now that you live in the low countries! You can compare energy types, and rates, to come to the perfect solution for you!

So what I should take from this article is…

That when in Rome, do as the Dutch do. Make sure you cover all bases, and be efficient about it. If you do what this article commanded you, by next week you will sit in your dry, dyke-protected home, watching the Dutch version of Big Brother, while Googling what all those fake- tan people are blurting out. Happy days.